Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Erin the Goddess

What I really wish for today is to be done with my Solo dress. I am exhausted. And since my Daughter is sick, she barely naps and she won't fall asleep until very late. Seriously, the earliest I've been able to sit down at the sewing machine was 10:30 pm. And then I sew until 1, 1:30 am.

But let's see what I can pull from my wishlist to present today. Keeping with the Irish Dance theme, here is one costume from Lord of the Dance that I would love to make.

The character is Erin, the Goddess. She is played here by Anne Buckley. I love the beautiful green (I believe it is Velvet) dress and cloak she wears throughout the show. It's simple, yet dramatic, and of course, I love the way the cape drapes down on her body.

Anne Buckley as The Goddess Erin, Lord of the Dance (1997)

Here is another view of the dress, without the cape:

Anne Buckley as The Goddess Erin, Lord of the Dance (1997)

It would be quite easy to make, although it would require a lot of fabric. Maybe one day, for the Holidays or St. Patrick's Day, I'll splurge.

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  1. Love this as well always wanted a cape to look just like this one