Sunday, April 11, 2010

Balmain Spring 2010 RTW "Logan's Run" Dresses

I was flipping through a magazine when I fell upon pictures of Balmain's Spring 2010 RTW (that stands for "Ready to Wear" for those of you wondering) collection.

Okay, so look at them for a moment and tell me what they remind you of... Classical Greco-Roman styles? Yes, but more than that...
It made me think of the women's costumes in Logan's Run (1976).

Jenny Agutter as Jessica, Logan's Run (1976)

Okay, so I know that Jessica's dress is quite high necked, but that was the style of the 70's. Really! My Mom got married at about the same time and her dress neckline had the looks of a turtle neck.

But look again at the length of the dress, the gathered waist, the layering of fabrics...

Jenny Agutter as Jessica and Michael York as Logan, Logan's Run (1976)

No? What about the way it looks once it is all torned up?

Jenny Agutter as Jessica and Michael York as Logan, Logan's Run (1976)

Ah, ha! Now you see it, don't you? It even has a similar brownish colour!

By the way, did you know they were re-making Logan's Run? It's set to come out in 2012. Personally, I believe some classics should remain untouched (I mean, can you imagine if someone decided to re-make Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings in 30 years?), but I guess it'll give me another costuming excuse!


  1. Your observations are spot-on. This look is timelessly sexy: free-flowing and formless in order to hide, then subtly revealing at certain times, and the gossamer quality to the fabric…. Jessica 6 was my first real crush as a boy of six. Now that I can scrutinize the pictures with a man’s eye, I can see what captivated me on other levels. Thanks for expanding on that.

    D. A. A. Calderone

  2. Help - my daughter has been told to appear at a fancy dress party next week as Jessica - any idea where she could get hold of this costume?? email