Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peacock Irish Dancing Solo Dress

My Dance teacher has passed her TCRG (Irish Dance teacher's diploma). I've known for month now, but I had Halloween to talk to you about. Anyways, now tat she has her own school (Young Academy of Irish Dancing), I have been asked to be a part of the School's dance troupe (that is, the group of dancers who perform at weddings, parties, and other such engagements the troupe gets hired for). Our first show is coming up very soon and I don't have a dress. Panic! I need to get rushing.

I have had to make up my mind about my next dress' design. I've decided to go for the Peacock Dress Design I showed you (here), but I've changed the colours.

Peacock Irish Dancing Solo Dress - Front

Peacock Irish Dancing Solo Dress - Back

The dress consists of a princess line bodice with contrasting yoke and quilted pattern, and a four tiered skirt: two quilted panels tiers, a puffball skirt and an Organza crinoline.

Fabrics from "The Stash" to be used in Peacock Irish Dancing Solo Dress

I had already decided to make the main dress in blue paned velvet (center) and the yoke, puffball skirt and some of the quilted pieces with Turquoise Liquid Lamé (left), but while looking for the blue velvet through "The Stash", I found enough leftover Purple and Teal Turkish Satin (right) to use for the cape and purple quilted pieces. Yeah! I love that Turkish Satin.

Tomorrow, I have to go shop for what I am still missing: Light Blue Glitterdot for some of the quilted design pieces, Royal blue Liquid Lamé (also for some of the quilted design pieces), Silver Glitterdot for the second tier of panels (and some of the quilted design pieces), Purple Organza for the crinoline, matching Purple Satin Lining for the bloomers and lots and lots of thick non-woven fusing.

And then I have to get started if I want to have my dress in time.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Guild: Do you want to date my Avatar

I'm not much of a video game fan. The only one I play is Dance Dance Revolution, so that doesn't really count. But my Sweetheart does play online, and I used to work with a bunch of IT geeks who talked, lived and breathed World of Warcraft the way I do about costumes. Maybe even more.

The Guild

So even though I've never played, I've heard a lot of the slang. That is why I love The Guild. My friend Sciath introduced me. The last time she was over, knowing my love of costumes, she showed me "Do you want to date my Avatar?" the music video featuring the cast of the show. I love it. The lyrics are funny, but the song is really catchy.

Not only do I want to make one of the costumes from the video, I want to do a rendition of it next Otakuthon. I think it would be awesome. I could play (a thinner) Clara; after all, her avatar's costume is turquoise.

I have to get more people on board with this master plan...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guy Fawkes Night (or "V" for Vendetta costume)

It's Guy Fawkes Night! For most people outside the UK, this did not mean much until 2005, when a certain movie came out. Ever heard of (or seen) V for Vendetta?

Of course, before it became a movie, V for Vendetta was an 80's comic book.

The main character's Guy Fawkes mask has become a well known costume on the trick-or-treat run (I saw at least one this year) and a common sight at Comic Book Conventions.

Guy Fawkes Mask

Since its rise to fame hood, thanks to the movie, V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks have been adopted as a symbol by protesters against such issues as Scientology, which thrilled V for Vendetta creator Alan Moore, but you might want to be careful just when and where you wear your own Guy Fawkes mask.

But it's just a thought.

Note: Marie-Ange-the-Celt, this one is for you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Pumpkin Geisha

Today, I present an item from my Wishlist which has to do with my love of Kimono. Usually, all my fancy silk Kimono are bought, but this is one I would really like to make.

I met Sera Gencarelli (a.k.a. Halflingsera) while I was a regular on the Immortal Geisha forum. She is a very talented illustrator and she has made a collection of Food themed Geisha drawings. The Pumpkin Geisha is one of my favorite.

When I get around to making it, I want to make it right. I would like to learn proper Japanese dyeing techniques such as Shibori and Yuzen, and I would want to make it out of silk.

Oh Universe, please let my Lottery ticket be a winner tonight!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"V": The Series

We have been seeing the promo for weeks. ABC's new series "V" begins tonight. Ah! Yet another remake. I remember seeing the re-runs of the original series as a child.

Does anyone else remember the Visitors in their orange jumpsuits?

The Visitors, V: The Series (1984)

I wonder why, orange was considered a Sci Fi, futuristic colour in the 80's. After all, anyone who has seen Legally Blonde (2001) knows that "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed". But I have seen on occasion costumers dressed as those 80's aliens.

Now for the new series, they have got Morena Baccarin playing the beautiful alien in whom everyone trusts.

In this early century, the futuristic colour is silver toned, white or gray (I wonder why).

Morena Baccarin as Anna, "V" (2009)

Now I have to admit that that is lovely. You could make that suit as a costume for a Sci Fi convention during the week-end and wear it to the office on Monday. Talk about practical costuming!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Movie Monday: Disney's A Christmas Carol

OK, you know when I said I would try to wait to talk about Christmas related costumes? That was until I realised that Disney's A Christmas Carol is coming out this Friday (November 6).

What better excuse to wear Victorian Garb than a Charles Dickens' story, I ask you?

Disney's A Christmas Carol, 2009

Ladies, grab your crinolines and your corsets, men, put on your frock coat and you top hat. It's a Dickens Christmas time!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 in Pictures

Halloween is over and it is time for me to share with you what costumes were present at my small Samhain dinner.

First off, the cutest little Owl in the world, my daughter:

Baby's First Halloween

I still can't get over how adorable she looked in her costume. I know I'm biased, but still. As Marie-Ange-the-Celt would put it: "SQUEEE!"

"I see you"

I like that picture. You can really see what adding the eyes piece does for the whole look.

Sheriff Nancy-Raven

It was too cold for Nancy-Raven to wear her Green Fairy costume, so she put together this comfortable Far West look. Very cool.

Three Generations

Yes, I did finally choose my Dark Maiden Dress. After all, when can I really wear it other than Halloween? My Mom decided to give a twist to her usual Witch costume by being a Flower Witch. See her wand? It has already been transformed into a bouquet of flowers! She has been dressing up as a Witch for Halloween for as long as I can remember (and ask anyone who knows me, I remember everything - even bits an pieces from our trip to France and Italy during which I turned two!). I think she has had those skeleton earrings for about 20 years. (Gods, I suddenly feel old!)

And of course, there's my little owl with us.

Gwenyver the Witch with her Baby Owl

One last picture, a self portrait, of my daughter's first Halloween with her Gothic looking mommy. I think it's great that she will have these souvenirs. After all, I'm betting that by the time she is my age, I won't dress in goth clothes anymore (but who knows?).

So now Halloween is over and you know what that means: Christmas is coming and I can start talking about it! What, I've already seen adds on Tele about the Holidays.

OK, I'll try to restrain myself. For a little while...