Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Kimono!

I had a Japanese relapse. It started when my friends from Alliance Impériale started talking of going as a Japanese themed group to the Halloween Festivities in La Prairie. It got worse when I got newsletters from Yamatoku mentioning a sale...

So I have to say it: Busted! I have bought myself two new pieces (from Yamatoku of course!).

First, my first Uchikake:

Vermilion Embroidered Silk Uchikake

Isn't it exquisite? I was looking at it and my Sweetheart saw it from over my shoulder. Then I showed him how nice it would look with the Kakeshita he gave me for Yule 2006 (which is really tough to match to an Uchikake, unless you want White or Pink - I've been looking for four years!):

Teal Hanayome Kakeshita & Vermilion Embroidered Silk Uchikake

... and he just said "Go ahead, buy it!". So you can see he was no help with my current relapse. But I have to say, it was only 39.99$ USD (okay, plus about 65$ USD of shipping, but the shipping price doesn't change, it is based on weight; Uchikake from Yamatoku usually start at 250$).

And since we can combine shipping and save (or so the website reminds us), I splurged for this magnificent obi:

Silk Maru Obi

My first Maru Obi*! And for 14.99$ USD! I would really like to find a Tomesode that would go well with it; I think a black Tomesode would be the perfect back drop for it, but it would also look nice with my Kakeshita.

*Maru obi is the most formal obi. It is made from cloth about 68 cm wide, is folded around a double lining and sewn together. Maru obi were at their most popular during the Taishō and Meiji periods. Their bulk and weight makes maru obi difficult to handle and nowadays they are worn mostly by Geisha, Maiko and others such. Another use for maru obi is as a part of a bride's outfit (hence me matching it to my Kakeshita). A maru obi is about 30 centimetres to 35 centimetres wide and 360 centimetres to 450 centimetres long, fully patterned and often embroidered with metal-coated yarn and foil work. (Source: Wikipedia - Obi)

So there, this is my latest Japanese shopping spree. But it isn't for Halloween; it is for my collection (and one day, my Engagement Party Outfit, when I get to that stage). Ill get back to you on the Japanese Themed Halloween costume.

Note: To see the rest of my Kimono Collection, please got to Kimono! posted on Tuesday August 18, 2009.