Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rococo High – Student’s Outfit

Now that everyone knows what Rococo High is (cliff notes if you haven’t read my post, which you should: it is an imaginary 18th century/fantasy high school that was thought up by yours truly as a new excuse for costuming – new students are welcome!), let me show you what I intend to wear to class!

Rococo High Outfit - Front and Back concept art

It consists of a red and off-white striped hooded Caraco jacket which buttons down the front, and a denim skirt worn over pocket hoops. An 18th century version of the jeans and hoodies so many teens wear. Also, the colours remind me of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica, which were very in back in my High School days.

Rococo High Outfit - Concept art

Accessories include a shawl, some kind of silver or pewter pendant on black satin ribbon grey fingerless gloves, a purse and a fan. As this is a somewhat fantasy costume, I think I will get some red canvas sneakers to wear with it.

Oh look, I already have the fabric for this project!

Red and Off-White Caraco fabric

Denim Skirt Fabric

The red and off-white striped fabric was bought for 3$/metre at Fabricville last summer, while the denim was recuperated at my old job.

To be honest, I have had these fabrics for some time and have been itching to make this outfit for 6 months, but somehow, there are always other priorities. I had hopped to make it for last Halloween, but that did not happen. This year, it will!