Friday, May 27, 2011

Asian Steampunk Costume Concept

Have you ever had a simple project take unprecedented proportions?
Back before the Yule season, as I was planning what I would wear for each party, I had intended to make myself a corset using leftover Chinese Brocade from my
Arwen Dying Gown. I loved the corset I made for Halloween using pattern Simplicity 2966 and want to make many more. I had bought a black skirt on sale at Sears the fall before and its shape made me think of Flamenco dances somehow, so I wanted something red to wear with it and the corset seemed a perfect idea. But then, I would need a shirt. “How about using Threadbanger’s Steampunk shirt tutorial?” I told myself. I could go to some second hand store and find an old man’s shirt to cut up, right? Do you see where this is going?

One thing let to another and I imagined an entire Steampunk outfit from that one corset project. Of course, I never did make any of it in time for New Year (and still have not started working on it), but I did have the entire look planed down to the hairstyle by the time I went back to work. And now five months later, I have finally kicked myself into sketching it. Here it is:

Asian Steampunk Concept - Front

Asian Steampunk Concept - Back

Let me explain what you are seeing here. This outfit consists on the red Chinese brocade corset, trimmed with black satin ribbon and laced down the back; a white linen shirt with mandarin collar, the whole edged with black sating stitching and closed on angle with black frog closures; a bolero length black velvet vest with high neck in the back and sweetheart neckline, antique brass frog closure below the bust and Furisode sleeves; a floor length black jacquard skirt with train and a slit up the left thigh kept shut by leather closures and antique brass buckles; a red taffeta bustle and a highly embroidered gold trimmed panel at front (inspired by the bustle pictured below). A chain on the right wearer’s side will hold a skeleton key, gear and a Chinese coin. Since my legs will me showing, I thought I would wear fishnet tights with my Victorian inspired boots.

The inspiration for the bustle and front panel - Steamflower Bustle by Laohats

My hair would be done in a Gibson Braid-Tuck, an Edwardian hairdo of three braids pinned and tucked. I have used this hairstyle often and love it. I might add a couple of hair sticks to it (not drawn).

Gibson Braid-Tuck by That Costume Girl

Finally, a traditional Chinese hat will cover my head. I have wanted one for awhile now, especially after my friend C.B. visited two years ago and lent me one for a photo.

Gwenyver and C.B., Summer 2009

My (current) goal is to have it done for Montréal ComicCon, but I have to work on Princess Peach first.

So who is up for a shopping trip in china town? I need to find myself a hat and some dangles for decoration.