Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gwenyver's Viking Apron Dress

A Viking apron dress has been on my wishlist for a couple of years, especially since I’m a Scadian. They seem so perfect for camp when it gets cooler, and of course, they are great for pregnant bellies. I made one for Nancy-Raven last year for her birthday, and was planning to make myself one for the Les Médiévales internationales de Lachute in September (really, see my costume resolutions for the year, back in January), but since I’ll be 38-39 weeks pregnant by then, I don’t think I’ll be going. So instead, I made it for the Salon de la Passion medievale et historique which was held in Montréal on May 11 to 13 (we went on May 12). I used the same pattern as for Nancy-Raven’s and the same fabric since I had more than enough leftover (and I still have enough left for an 18th century bedgown).

Gwenyver's Viking Apron dress

The turtle brooches I had bought in Pennsic in 2007 from Fettered Cock Pewters (I also got Nancy-Ravens brooches from them last year). The trim was made by yours truly last December using pattern Acret by Eqos.

 Tablet woven trim - pattern Acret by Eqos

Instead of making a new tunic to wear with my Apron Dress, I decided to match it to the light green linen tunic I had made for Pennsic 2007. I have worn it a few times at different events – it is just light and lovely. 

 Gwenyver as Mórag inghean Scayth, La Fête Médiévale de Saint-Colomban 2007

I did give my old tunic a slight upgrade, using card woven trim I made about three years ago as an exercise. Luckily, I had enough for the V-neck collar and cuffs.

 Trim detail for the tunic's collar and sleeve cuffs

As this is me we are talking about, I made the apron dress the week before the event, but I sewed the trim on the night before (leaving my fingers sore). I also whipped up a quick hat the morning of the event, while my daughter was having breakfast.

A quick Norse hat

I used one of the decorative stitches on my embroidery machine and red thread to add a little something to it. The result is what you see here: 

 Gwenyver's Viking Apron Dress

Since I decided to wear a Viking Apron Dress, Nancy-Raven thought it a good idea to go for the same, making us look like sisters once again (people often think we’re related – but she is my Craft sister only).

 Nancy-Raven and Gwenyver as 10th century vikings
(Keep in mind this picture was taken by my 3 years old.)

Don’t we look cute, matching and all? We’re also both wearing our Medieval Mocassins: mine are hark brown and hers are black (once again, I got them for the both of us at Pennsic 2007 – it’s great to have a best friend you share clothes and shoe sizes with, especially when you are shopping for them).

I now have one project of the 2012 costume list done. Yeah for me! And by the way, if you wish to see mi pictures from the Salon de la Passion medievale et historique, you can see them on Flickr here.