Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Wars on a Dime (or my first/worse costume)

Today American Duchess posted about her first costume piece, and it made me realize I had never shared mine here!

I was in scouts for a long time. In 2000, the theme for the Beaver’s summer camp was Star Wars (and the fact that Episode 1 had just been released on DVD had nothing to do with it, I’m sure ). For the Saturday night evening, everyone was to have a costume. So I spent the week before the camp making costumes for most of the adults, as they were all family members and close friends. I only made robes though.

I made a total of six robes that week: three brown robes for Jedi, one short off-white robe for my dad to wear under his brown robe, one short black robe for our Darth Maul and a red Queen Amidala robe.

My Amidala costume consisted of a long red summer dress with tan floral motif and red hooded robe with gold trim. For my hair, I put them up in two buns and covered my forehead with an old black and gold lamé scarf that used to belong to my mother. Add the make-up et Voilà! An instant Amidala.

The Jedi costume was a brown robe worn over the guy’s own karate uniform. Those were the days before digital cameras, so the only picture I have was scanned back then.

Queen Amidala and a Jedi

All the robes were made with cheap poplin in the different colours I mentioned (red, brown, black and off-white).

The gold trim for my robe came from three different leftovers, previously used in art projects and Christmas decorations.

Simplicity 8311

I used Simplicity 8311 view A for the long robes and view B for the short ones. I added a hood from Butterick 4319 which I have had since I was a kid.

I used to have that picture of me in my notebook in CEGEP and everyone who saw it complimented me. To anyone who is not a costume addict, this was EXACTLY what the Queen wore in the movie!

This, people, is the proof that we all have to start somewhere. Usually, that somewhere is way down there on the quality and accuracy scale, but it is taking the first step that counts, and then continuing on walking.

P.S. The Jedi next to me in the picture did not give his permission for the picture to be posted so I cut out his face. And this has NOTHING to do with the fact that he's my ex!