Thursday, September 16, 2010

A commercial interpretation of the Na'vi

Does anyone remember my prediction that people were going to want Na'vi costumes? If you don't, may I refer you to Movie Monday: Avatar (posted on December 14, 2009). I expected the geeks to want them, but apparently, it has reached more people than I had imagined.

First, let us all know what a Na'vi looks like:

James Cameron's Avatar (2009)

And now on to the costumes. First, there was Ben Stiller at the 2010 Oscars:

But today, I was hit by how much people want Na'vi costumes. I was at the Shopping Mall and I saw an add for the temporary Party Expert that opens there for Halloween. On the add, amongst many other costumes, I noticed these:

Na'vi Jake Adult Costume

Na'vi Jake Child Costume

Na'vi Neytiri Adult Costume

(Everyone knows a Female Na'vi wears pumps to run around the woods!)

Na'vi Neytiri Child Costume

Of course, if you don't already have long, black, braided hair, you can get a Na'vi wig!

Na'vi Jake wig

And since most of us have round ears, the prepackaged costume industry has thought of us by offering latex ears:

Na'vi Latex Ears

Actually, those might make nice Blue Fairy ears. I might get a pair (they are less than 10$).

Ocean Hellman as Queen Titania, Voyage of the Unicorn (2001)

There is also a "Jake" version of the latex ears and a Na'vi make-up kit, if you are interested in making (or purchasing) that costume.

Apparently, if you are REALLY into the Na'vi, you can even learn their language!

But back to the commercial costume: personally, my first reaction was "You have got to be bloody joking!". But I guess the leotard could be used as a base for a much better costume. I'm not sure it's worth the price, but that really depends on your budget.

Just promise me something: if you make a female Na'vi costume, don't wear it with heels!