Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Costumer's Picnic 2012

You may recall me mentioning a while back that Nancy-Raven and I were planning a costumed picnic this summer. The picnic was held last Saturday. I was unable to post my costume progress along the way, but I will make item specific posts soon (basically once all the items have been laundered – it was hot, and sitting on grass will stain white dresses). For now, let me share pictures of the picnic itself.

There were only 5 of us at l’Île-des-Moulins: Nancy-Raven, her Sweetie (who does not wish for his picture to be published, so I blurred out his face in the photos he appears in) and 7 months old son, my 3 ½ years old daughter and myself. Other people had expressed the wish to come but unfortunately had to work on the weekend (maybe next year). As it was a lovely day, we got many requests for pictures (mostly from French tourists - I was surprised there were so many of them in my small town), and quite a few stares; there were also a few comments about our strollers not matching our outfits (too modern), but to hell with them. Strollers are practical and period ones are expensive!

My daughter

Looking at the lake

Here, ducky!

Regency Lady


33 weeks pregnant and showing

18th Century Family

Mother and Son

Birthday card! (with a certificate stating her gift is a pair of Black Pompadours from American Duchess)

Fencing with sticks

Mother & Daughter

Another Mother & Daughter pose

The Ladies of the Picnic


Hitching a ride

On last adorable toddler picture for the road

Lets do this again soon!