Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was a week ago, so before Christmas arrives, let me share my Samhain celebration pictures with you. (It is incredible how little time one has for themselves with a toddler and a baby at home full time.) First, here is my daughter once more:

My little pumpkin

She loved trick-or-treating. We were lucky that with the bad weather brought on by hurricane Sandy, there was a break in the rain just in time to go out for candy.

Because my son is so young, I was the one who stayed home with him to give out candies. Since it was fairly nice out at the time, I dressed him in his costume, carried him in the sling and stood out on the porch to distribute the treats.

Surprised baby pumpkin

The question I got the most: is this a real baby? Riiiight...

My two favourite pumpkins

So you must be wondering by now if I finished my Pumpkin Polonaise in time. Drum rolls please...

Mother of two

Alas no. I tried, and I have done some progress on it, but with a newborn at home, I was unable to finish it in time. Oh well! I'll have it done for next year and it will be better than if I had rushed at the last minute. Also, while cleaning my sewing room, I found some cotton with a Halloween print that would make great stays for this dress.

Nancy-Raven came over with her son, my godsson.

Nancy-Raven and her son

He wore the medieval outfit she made him back in September.

My daughter had not seen my godsson since the Costumer's Picnic and was somehow fascinated by him.

All three kids

Like me, Nancy-Raven did not have the time to make herself a new costume, so she wore the scrubs her honey was supposed to wear, while I pulled my Halloween classic Dark Maiden out of the closet.

Nancy-Raven the Nurse and Gwenyver the Witch

(She is going to hate me for posting this picture of her, I just know it.)

I guess I should get working on my outfit for the premiere of The Hobbit if I want to be done in time.

Monday, November 5, 2012

1920s Spectator T-Straps from American Duchess

Looky here! American Duchess has a new model of shoes out, right in time for The Great Gatsby to bring back the fashion of the 1920's au goût du jour.

Available for pre-order now in your choice of white or white/brown. 

I personally want a pair in white, so I can dye them. I have this crazy desire for a green and purple pair.