Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Monster Gift

You may remember a Threadbanger video I posted a while back on how to make yourself a Monster Hoodie (see Costume Monster Hoodie, posted on January 16th, 2010):

Based on their instructions, I made one for my friend Stu. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but we only got to visit this Week-End. So that is why I am only showing it to you now, even if it has been made for months. Stu was really happy with it. I can tell you that although it was horribly hot, he did not want to take it off.

Stu's New Monster Hoodie

For this project, I bought a hooded vest on sale at Walmart (can't tell you how much because the gift recipient might see it). The video suggests the use of felt for the teeth and eyes, but I had leftover pieces of Polar Fleece, so that is what I used. And of course, I used my sewing machine instead of fabric glue.

The Monster Hoodie's Sharp Teeth

I actually cut two layers of the teeth strip and used the zigzag stitch on my machine to assemble them together. Then, I fixed to the hood's opening by sewing over the original seam, making it as invisible as possible.

I see you!

For the eyes, I began by fixing the pupils to the whites with a zigzag stitch, than I fixed the eyes to the top of the hood, still with a zigzag stitch.

It was a very easy project to make. I'll have to make myself one eventually.