Saturday, June 16, 2012

Raggedy Rock Skirts

A friend of mine is preparing her second show at the Studio-Théâtre of Place des Arts with the Week-ends de la chanson Quebecor. As she is a fan of Amy Lee (Evanescence), she had asked me some time ago (I am too embarrassed to say how long, so don’t even ask) to make her a skirt in inspired by the singer’s style. She even gave me an old tulle skirt and some material to work with.


I finally delivered the promised skirt earlier this month.

 Raggedy Skirt

I am happy to say she loved it and told me she would wear it for the promo shoot (I can’t wait to see those pictures). It was a fun, creative project to work on. I even got to practice some distressing techniques on it! (The picture really doesn't do it justice.)

Because I felt so guilty about just how long it took me to get to that project, I decided to make her a second skirt, using an organza tutu as a base and my bag of fabric scraps for decorations. (I had made the tutu to go under my latest Irish dancing dress, only to decide it didn’t look good, meaning it had been in my closet, unused, for at least 2 years.)

 Fairy Skirt

I spent one evening pinning fabric pieces to the waistband (while watching Doctor Who) until I was satisfied with the look. Then I sewed everything on in crooked lines in different colours of thread, using the technique referred to as “Chaos stitching” in many early Threadbanger videos. She loved that skirt as well and said she would wear it to work! (She works in a magick store, so they have a different dress code). 

And yes, I still felt guilty… so I made her a hair fascinator.

Gothic Black Fascinator

 I made it following this Craftovision tutorial:
My sweetheart couldn’t help himself. As soon as he saw it, her asked what kind of a dead thing it was this time (in reference to my Funky Feather Fascinator which he nicknamed “The dead Parrot”, and the Gothic Phoenix Feather Fascinator I made Nancy-Raven, renamed “The dead Rooster”). What I was calling the Gothic Black Fascinator became “The dead crow”. Why thank you honey! 

Those were the projects I just HAD to work on (really) before starting anything else. But now they are done, and I can focus on Regency wear to my heart’s content!