Sunday, October 28, 2012

Toddler Pumpkin Tutu Dress

Yesterday was my daughter's dance class and as we are nearing the end of the month, it was Halloween themed. All the kiddies were encouraged to come costumed. I ask my daughter if she wanted to wear her Flower costume from last year or her new Pumpkin Tutu Dress, and of course, she choose the new one, so I made sure to finish it in time. It was not very complicated (construction detail to come), but with my daughter in daycare only two days a week and my son barely a month old, I don't have much free time.

I snapped a few quick pictures before we left for her dance class, so here they are.

My little Pumpkin

One of the nicknames I use for her which she loves and finds special is "ma petite citrouille", my little pumpkin. Hence her choice of costume for this year.

Pumpkin Posing

Since the tutu is quite transparent, and since it is c old in Québec in October, I made her wear the same green clothes as she wore for her Flower costume. Her socks are orange Halloween ones with spiders on them.

Mommy, we're going to be late!

I wanted to make her some hair accessory, but did not have enough time, and then I remembered that she has a green head band that matches the fabric I used for the waistband and shoulder straps. Easy and done!

Spinning and Dancing

Unfortunately, right before we left, as she was putting on her rain boots, she stepped on her dress and made a big tear in one of the layers of tulle. My poor sweetie, she cried so hard. Her dad and I convinced her it was no big deal. I can't fix it, but I could always cut up the bottom to make the whole thing look tattered. But not this year. I still have too much to do before Wednesday.

N.B. I was shocked to see that my daughter's costume was the only home / mom made costume of all the kids at the dance class; everyone had a store bought costume. I always had mom made costumes growing up so to me that's the norm, but I guess I'm wrong. What is your take on this?