Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Costume Resolutions

My New Year resolution for 2012 is to be more organized. So I figured It would help my costume making go more smoothly (and be less last minute) if I made a list of everything I plan on making this year. Of course, I already know I will not be able to make everything, due to time and money constraints (unless of course I win the lottery and can quit my day job, but I am still waiting for that to happen), so my priorities have been marked with a *. Also, since I usually make costumes for specific events, I have listed these before the costume as in some cases, I’m not even sure what I am going to make yet. Chronological order is also important to assess which project is more urgent for me to work on.

So here goes:

1- March –
Baronial Investiture Anniversary, Île du Dragon Dormant (SCA)

Not that I truly need a new Medieval dress really, but they are always fun to make, and I have fabric and trim waiting to become bliauts. For instance, I have a purple herringbone bliaut half done (same fabric as my daughter’s tunic), so this could be the perfect occasion to finish it.

Purple Herringbone faux wool and Trim

Of course, since there is a Middle Eastern theme to this event, I am considering making some Turkish outfit, but I really don’t know much about period Middle Eastern garb.

2- April – Titanic's Centennial*

I am still looking for an event to celebrate (or remember) the Titanic’s Centennial, but in honour of the historical date, I intend to make Rose’s Swim dress from the movie (Titanic, 1997) using Simplicity 8399. This is another costume for which I have had the material and pattern for years and just needed the right excuse to make.

By the way, if any of my local friends would like to get together in Edwardian fashion for the anniversary (of if you know of an event), please let me know.

3- May – Montreal Feis

Ok, so I don’t technically need a new Irish dancing solo dress, but, you know, what girl does not love a new dress. I have a fairly easy concept for a yellow bodiced / 3 tiered turquoise skirt dress to match the number clip my friend Sciath got me in July 2010.

4- June – The big 30

So I will be 30 this year (cue the tears) and I have decided I should celebrate Costumeholic style with a themed party. I am still hesitating between Masked Ball and Pirates BBQ. In an ideal world, I would rent a hall, have a buffet, a huge cake and everyone I know would come dressed up in amazing costumes. If I come back down to earth a bit, I will most likely get a BBQ, or small garden party. Maybe I could make it a masked garden party…

5- August – Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France – Québec / 18th Century Public Market – Montréal

I have not been to the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France since… Oh my, 2006! I am long overdue to go and I think my daughter is old enough to enjoy a day of festival like that. If I go, she will need a dress. I could wear my Sherbet English dress, which was only worn once for a quickie photo shoot for the Fabricville contest in May 2010. And since I still have some of that striped fabric, I can make a matching dress for my daughter (she is at an age when she loves to match with mommy, so let’s take advantage of this). If my Sweetheart decides to come as well, I will have an 18th century costume to make as well.

The 18th Century Public Market is in Montréal at the end of the month, but as it name says, it is als0 perfect for 18th century fashion to be worn, so should we go, the same costumes would be worn to both events.

6- August – Otakuthon*

I haven’t actually decided what to make for Otakuthon this year, nor have I decided if my daughter is to come with me. I adore her, but a day alone with a toddler and all the baggage that comes with them plus the costumes is exhausting, and I don’t get to see much or listen to panels. Also, I would actually like to give one or two panels this year, which I can’t really do with her present. Any who, the current choices of costumes are between these:

- Milady (from The Three Musketeers) – I know I say this every year, but I really want to do her one day;

- Original concept for an 18th Century Princess Peach, complete with stomacher embroidered with mushrooms, fire flowers, Mario fighting Bowser and the iconic brick castle. Now what would be perfect is the Super Mario theme played with a clavecin;

- Shiori from Revolutionary Girl Utena. My friend Tionniel is trying to put together a group for the convention and masquerade. She is going to be Utena, and one of her friends is to be Anthy. I am considering doing Shiori (the Rose Bride dress of course, which to me is way more fun than some fencing uniform); it is always more fun to do things in group. Maybe I could make a ChuChu costume for my daughter if she comes with me.

7- September – Les Médiévales internationales de Lachute

Again, it is not that I need new Medieval camp garb, but I recently made some trim that I want to use on a Viking Apron dress of my own, and I have enough fabric left from the one I made Nancy-Raven to make me one as well. This event is the perfect excuse to make and wear this dress.

Card Woven Trim

8- September – Montréal ComicCon

Though I doubt I will be going considering the waiting line fiasco they had last year (3 hours to get in – I can’t do that with a toddler),but then again, William Shatner will be there, so should I go, I would make one of the following:

- Original Concept Asian Steampunk (I previously posted about it here);

- Bonemine (from Astérix – if we go as a group);

- Original concept Queen of Hearts, with toddler Alice in Wonderland (stay tune for the concept art for this one, I will post about it soon).

9- October – Halloween*

I have no clue yet what I am going to make for my daughter this year, or if I will be making myself something new (maybe I will just go for my Witch Dress), but I must remember to plan for this date.

10- December – The Hobbit*

The Hobbit is due to come out on December 14. If I can go to the premiere, I plan on making and wearing my own Eowyn’s Green Gown. I have had fabric and trim to make this dress since 2004, so once again, this event should be the perfect time for me to make this project.

11- December – Christmas

I have two dresses I would love to make to wear for Christmas: a green bustle gown for which I have the perfect fabric, and my 18th century Christmas dress concept. Though I doubt I will have any time to make even one of them in time, I am adding them to this list, and we will see.

18th Century Christmas Dress concept

In addition, there are costumes I would like to make without having a specific event to wear them too. There are a few I hope I can make this year:

12-Rococo High – 18th century Neo-Historical High School Student (stay tune for more details on this project – have I mentioned I have all the material already?);

13-A red tartan 18th century Polonaise with cream skirt (I have the cream fabric in my stash);

14- Proper 18th century underwear and stays (it is getting to be a necessity with all the 18th century gowns I like to make and wear);

15- Christmas Green bliaut (fabric and trim in my stash).

I have said it before, and I will say it again: So many costumes, so little time! Let’s see which ones I can accomplish this year.