Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cyber Goth Geisha

It was one of my New Year Costuming Resolutions: to finish costumes which were cut and left hanging (well, they're piles in a box, really). Well, this Halloween, I am doing just that. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my Alliance Impériale friends had decided to dress-up in Japanese inspired costumes. I figured it was the perfect excuse to finish my Cyber Goth Geisha costume, cut for Otakuthon 2008 and abandoned due to lack of time. (Would you believe it? I was a little too last minute. Me!)

Let me tell you a little more about the inspiration for this costume. First, I have loved Traci’s
Cyber Geisha look:

It is simple, but sexy and eye popping (could be the cleavage, which she wears very well, but I would personally never dare try it this way).

Emerald Gothic Lolita by Maral Agnerian a.k.a. Sarcasm-hime

Black and white matched with one bright colour is combination I love. I especially liked the corset she used. Also, I was surprised how much I loved the multicoloured dreads. Dawn a.k.a. Kaijugal has a similar set:

Pumpkin Lolita by Dawn McKechnie "Kaijugal"

So I mixed what I liked about these styles and came up with this:

Cyber Goth Geisha Conceptual Art by Gwenyver

It consists of a short black Furisode, worn over a white Juban. A turquoise liquid lamé corset takes the place of the obi. I will wear this outfit paired with blue tights, black and white striped half gloves and knee high socks, black patent leather platform Mary Janes, a black headband with bow, flower and feathers (which I got at Forever 21), and my custom made Dread Pony Falls in Black, Blond, Blue and Turquoise. As for makeup, I am aiming for a Geisha look, including full white face and neck prongs, but I will replace the usual reds and pinks by blues and turquoise. I will also paint my nails blue.

I do hope I can finish in time! (And that it is warm enough for me to wear it – it can snow on Halloween in Québec).