Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cyber Goth Geisha Progress Report: Accessories

I haven’t started sewing yet: I just finished a costume order and I am now attacking my daughter’s costume.

In the mean time, I figured I would show you the accessories. First, here is the Forever 21 headband I had mentioned:

I think it is going to look awesome with the rest of the look.

Then, there are the Dreads Pony Falls I had custom made for this costume 2 ½ years ago:

Black, Blond, Blue and Turquoise Dread Pony Falls, custom made by LS Seven

I wonder what they will look like on my head. Can you believe I have never tried them on?

Next, I am happy to report that I found socks and half gloves in the black and white stripes, just as I wanted:

Black & White Striped Half Gloves, from Ardene

I think I can thank Alice in Wonderland (2010) for those gloves. If Colleen Atwood hadn't added them to Alice's costume, I'm not sure I would have found a fair so easily at a jewellery and accessories' store.

Black & White Striped Knee Socks, from Ardene

If anyone is interested, I got both at Ardene, in the 5 for 10$ section. (I got three more pairs of half gloves in colours that match some of my legwarmers!)

Finally, the shoes:

4" Heel Black Patent Leather Mary Janes

I found them on sale, at a Halloween store. Well, I got them on sale because the cashier gave me the 50% rebate some of the other shoes had, but the sales girl had told me they were not, so I don't know who was right, but I still paid half the price. The guy at the register also made a comment about me looking very sexy in these heels. I guess this could also explain the rebate. Hmmm...

Anyways, they will also be perfect for an Abby Sciuto look, which I guess is popular, considering the number of comments that post got and still gets (Thanks guys – I love comments).

Back to sewing fur! I am so thankful we recently got a Dyson – my sewing room has carpeted floor!