Friday, November 6, 2009

The Guild: Do you want to date my Avatar

I'm not much of a video game fan. The only one I play is Dance Dance Revolution, so that doesn't really count. But my Sweetheart does play online, and I used to work with a bunch of IT geeks who talked, lived and breathed World of Warcraft the way I do about costumes. Maybe even more.

The Guild

So even though I've never played, I've heard a lot of the slang. That is why I love The Guild. My friend Sciath introduced me. The last time she was over, knowing my love of costumes, she showed me "Do you want to date my Avatar?" the music video featuring the cast of the show. I love it. The lyrics are funny, but the song is really catchy.

Not only do I want to make one of the costumes from the video, I want to do a rendition of it next Otakuthon. I think it would be awesome. I could play (a thinner) Clara; after all, her avatar's costume is turquoise.

I have to get more people on board with this master plan...

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