Friday, November 20, 2009

Irish Dance Solo Dress Progress: Finished panels and Puffball Skirt

Here it is: the final sprint! Yesterday I finished all of the panels. Want to see the result?

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Finished Royal Blue Skirt Panels (Front and Back)

I satin stitched the edges of the blue panels in silver thread. I had to go around twice and I found out it worked much better when I used tear-away stabilizer, but I as I hadn't originally planned to use it, I had to use many small scrap pieces to achieve my goal. But it looks and feels awesome (and so professionally made).

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Finished Silver Skirt Panels

When I cut my silver panel, I gave them a 1 cm seam allowance, planning to bag-line them and then satin stitch around the edges. But once I had lined them and turned them over, I decided they were fine the way they were. So no satin stitched edge for now, but if I ever change my mind, I can add it later. The important thing now is to finish the dress!

In the picture, I fanned my nine panels out to look like my original concept, a peacock's tail (but the colours definitely make it a "Water" dress).

Today this is what I have done so far:

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Turquoise Puffball Skirt

Puffball skirts are quite easy to make: simply gather a full circle skirt into a 3/3 circle lining. You should make your skirt longer than your desired finished length (in this case it is 8 cm longer) and your lining shorter by the same amount.

Also, for this particular puffball skirt, as Liquid Lamé fabrics don't have much hold, I have both used a soft fusing and a layer of tulle to make it puffier and hold it's shape.

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Bodice and Puffball Skirt

I wanted to get an idea of what the finished dress will look like. I can't wait to be done. Not only because I need sleep, but also because I've work really hard (I mean REALLY hard) and no I want to see the finished product.

Wish me luck! I'm not going to bed tonight until all that's left for me to do is hand finish the bodice's lining.

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