Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Irish Dance Solo Dress Progress: Skirt Panels Finished

More progress report on the dress that is taking my every personal moment (when I'm not taking care of my Daughter). I have finished quilting all of the 18 skirt panels. That's right, 18. Nine blue and nine silver. I pinned a few to my sewing dummy to get an idea of what it will look like once it's done:

Tomorrow I attack the bodice and the sleeves. I will be done in time for Saturday for my first show with my Dance School's Troupe.

Note: Technically, it's also the first show for the School's Troupe, but that's just because our School has branched out from the old School we were in. Yep, by the time I was ready to come back to dancing (after having stopped for over a year due to my new Baby), the girl who had been teaching in my class for years had passed her teacher's exam, so I choose to go with her (and when the website is up, I will shamelessly plug it often). I wasn't part of the Troupe in my old Dance School, but everyone else in the Troupe was. Thought I'd clarify the point.

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