Thursday, November 19, 2009

Irish Dance Solo Dress Progress: Bodice and Sleeves

As of this morning, I am more and more tired, but all of the quilting is done. That's right, all of the 199 quilted design pieces have been satin stitched in place. I still have some satin stitching to do, but now it's just edging the panels, which should be easier.

Here is what was done yesterday (and early this morning since I finished at 1:30 am):

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Sleeve

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Front Bodice

"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress - Front Bodice and Sleeve

I do have two sleeves done, I was just too lazy to pin them both to my mannequin (or to change the thread colour on my machine to close the seam). I'm very proud of those pieces. They came out great and the design is not crooked (yeah!) which could have ruined the dress (I really need to use quilter's double sided fusing next time).

On to the finishing of the skirt panels and tomorrow I get to assemble it all. I will make it in time!

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