Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Green Bliaut

It is officially Saturday, and I am waiting for some friends who are driving in from out of town. Everything is packed for Fall Harvest and I have finally made up my mind about what I will wear. I have chosen my Apple Green Bliaut (which you have already seen in a picture in the Elizabethan Gentleman post).

Gwenyver in her Apple Green Bliaut, Feast of the Hare 2006

About this dress: one year (2004 to be exact), having nothing special to do between between Christmas and New Year, (I was unemployed at the time) I decided to make myself a new Medieval dress, to wear at my grand father’s for New Year dinner. Usually, I don’t wear many medieval clothes around my family, because they like to comment on everything, sometimes mockingly, and I usually do my best to give them as little to work with as possible. But after all, I thought, if Nancy-Raven can get away with it, why can't I?

So with one week to go, I went through my stash of fabrics and got this lovely apple green material out to make the gown I had planned for it. I had also bought a gorgeous jacquard trim with gold, green and red design to go with the fabric. Not exactly authentic Medieval (more in the Medieval-Fantasy category) but you get what you can, and I liked the combination). The result: a beautiful princess line dress I just love and that actually got me some nice comments (after being thoroughly mocked, of course). To this day, I always get complimented on that dress whenever I wear it. I guess I say it often about many of my costumes, but it is one of my favorites.

Gwenyver in her Apple Green Bliaut and sleeveless fur overcoat, Feast of the Hare 2006

I used McCall’s 3817, view D as a base. This is officially my favourite universal pattern (for princess line dresses). I modified the neckline to make it wider, the sleeves (obviously) to make them large, long and pointed, and the skirt to make it wider and floor length. I even made it longer in the back to make a train. I also, as usual, replace the zipper with eyelets and tiny gold satin cord to lace up the back.

With it, I sometimes wear the sleeveless fur overcoat you see in the second picture. It was once the detachable lining of a really ugly pelisse that belong to my grandmother. When I inherited the coat, I kept only the fur (I can't remember right now what kind of fur it is, sorry). It is incredibly soft. One of these days, I would like to replace the satin lining with suede so I could wear the fur facing me instead.

There. Now you know what both me and "My Lord" will be wearing the the event. Pictures to come tomorrow!

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