Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Elizabethan Gentleman

There is less than a week before Fall Harvest, Barony of l'Île du Dragon Dormant's autumn event, and I, your favorite Costumeholic, is in charge of Arts & Sciences, that is anything that is not Martial Arts. I will be teaching classes (Irish Dancing and T-Tunic making) and running an A&S display.

With my Baby keeping busy, I haven't had time to make anything new to wear (*sigh*), but it's OK. The one great thing about being addicted to costumes is you end up having enough to pick from for any occasion, just like a regular wardrobe (actually, costumes take up the most part of my closet).

I'm not the only one in this house who needs to dress for these event: my Sweetheart does too! When I first joined the SCA in 2006 and I dragged him back (he played with them maybe 20 years ago), I asked him what he wanted for to wear to Court. Amazingly enough, he choose late 16th century as his persona's era, and so it is Elizabethan menswear for him.

Charles de Baste, Fall Harvest 2006

Before Fall Harvest 2006, I dragged him to the fabric store to find a brocade he would like and he picked a lovely purple and gold tone brocade with diamond pattern. From it, I made him a Doublet, using McCall's 4695 (i love that pattern, I have used it for myself too; you just have to adjust the darts to fit a feminine figure), and a Tudor Flat Cap, from McCall's 4805 view B. Then, using black panned velvet we had bought the previous year with the intention of making him a Drow costume, I made him sleeves for his Doublet, also using McCall's 4695 (in this case it is view D), and breeches which are really just puffy Bermudas gathered at the waistband and knee cuffs. My Sweetheart choose not to wear a codpiece (I don't blame him!), so the pants' fly simply laces up (this way, I could add a codpiece if he changed his mind, though I doubt he will). I also made him a shirt out of off-white cotton using Butterick 4486.

Of course, I had enough of each fabric to make him a full set, and I have cut the pieces already, I just haven't gotten around to it (actually, I had forgotten about them until I started typing this post).

By the way, I would like to point out that in this first picture, he is actually wearing black tights, which he never did again afterwards. Apparently, he found the seam to be irritating. Nowadays, he wears black leggings under his breaches.

Mórag filia Scayth and Charles de Baste, Feast of the Hare 2006

When I first made the Doublet, I had only used six frog closures to close the front, as the pattern suggested, but my Sweetheart felt that, being that the Doublet is meant to be tight, the gaps in between the frog closures were unattractive. So on our way to Feast of the Hare 2006, while he was driving, I sewed another five frog closures to close each gap. It takes forever to put on, but it looks good!

Side view of Charles de Baste, Feast of the Hare 2006

From the side, you can see how the Doublet's sleeves are tied at the shoulder only.

Back view of Charles de Baste, Feast of the Hare 2006

It's always nice to be able to see a costume from every angle to better understand it.

Mórag filia Scayth and Charles de Baste, Baronial Investiture Anniversary 2008

Another view, without the Doublet sleeves this time. It is a very versatile garment!

(Yes the beard was distinguished, but it also made him look way older, and yes, I have lost weight since then. 25lbs to be exact, and I feel very good about myself, thank you for asking.)

Eventually, I'll finish the pieces I have already cut and he'll have both a full black velvet set and a purple and gold set. What stopped me back then was that I needed to get more experience before tackling the purple and gold breeches as I want to make them paned. Now that'll really be something!

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  1. Squeee !

    J'ai vraiment hâte à samedi ! Mais t'as plein de trucs à faire, moi je saurai pas quoi faire et je connaîtrai personne.... ça va te déranger si je te stalk ? je pourrai t'aider si tu as besoin XD

    Qu'est-ce que je dois emporter ?
    Est-ce que j'ai besoin d'un nom ?

    Le costume de ton chéri est vraiment surprenant! Du beau travail :)

    Et puis j'aime bien la robe bleue et brune. Je ne l'avais jamais vue !