Friday, October 23, 2009

16th century Gentleman

I don't know about you, but I like to make myself a new outfit for every event if I can, but my Sweetheart only had his Purple Elizabethan ensemble, and I wanted to make him some more. So for Christmas/Yule 2007, when he said he wanted his present to be something I had made from material I already had, This is what I came up with:

Blue-Gray 16th Century outfit

It is made from the same pattern as his Purple Elizabethan ensemble, except that the sleeves are not slit on top. The pants are also made differently: each leg is a rectangle piece with a piece cut out at the center top (for the crotch) and pleated into the waist band and knee cuffs.

But here is the funny anecdotal part of the story: the fabric I used served as a Christmas present for two boyfriends, five years apart. Originally, I had bought the fabric to make curtain for my Ex's apartment. I just wrapped the fabric up and gave it to him for Christmas 2002, and he then left it with me so I could make said curtains. A month later, our relationship came to an ugly end.

A few months later, I met my Sweetheart. I offered to make him curtains for his apartment, for his office window, for his dad's new place. I tried to convince him it would make a nice slip-cover for the futon. Nothing worked. So when I used it for his garb, I thought I was very clever! And although my Grand-father made a few remarks when the present was unwrapped, he loved it.

My Sweetheart, Fall Harvest 2008

Doesn't he look good? I meant to make him a white shirt to wear with it, but I never got around to it, so he wears the off-white shirt I made him to go with his Purple Elizabethan ensemble.
As that is what he wants to wear tomorrow, at this year's Fall Harvest, I though I would tell you about it today. I still have to make-up my mind about what I will wear though...

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