Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby Shoe Craft

Post disclaimer: this post is not about costumes per se, but the technique demonstrated to modify shoes could be used for costuming purposes.

I have spent the last two days looking for some nice dressy shoes for my baby. Why? Because today we were getting our picture taken at Sears! As they are Christmas pictures to send to our family and friends, and she was going to wear her fancy Holiday dress, I couldn't have her wear play shoes! (Yes, I am that crazy about proper dressing and presentation).

So for two days, I hit the stores, looking for a nice pair of black patent leather shoe. I really wanted something black and shiny. But, remember I said I was cheap? The most inexpensive shoes I found were 17$. Seriously, she's going to wear them twice. There is no way I'm paying that much for shoes for her (not at her age anyways).

Last night, I had a sudden stroke of genius: last summer, Nancy-Raven bought her a pair of white canvas shoes with a pink and white checkered trim and bow. I know they are from WalMart and I know they were 3$. She had never worn them because they didn't match any of her outfits. White shoes could be cute too, I thought.

So here is what I did: I painted them! That's right, painted.

Painted Baby Shoe: Before and After

OK, I didn't paint the whole shoe, just the trim an bow that matched nothing in my daughters wardrobe.

I was hesitating between silver and gold, so called my mom to ask if there was a metallic accent in the dress she is making my Baby for Christmas. She answered gold, so gold it was.

Painted Baby Shoes with Material

Once upon a time, I had spare time to do tole painting, so I had everything I needed on hand. I used a small round brush (the number faded years ago, but I think it's a number three) and a liner brush to apply the paint, which by the way is Ceramcoat Gleams by Delta (acrylic paint) in Gold.

They will do perfectly for the holidays and they came out great on picture.

Gwenyver and Daughter, November 27 2009

Don't we look cute? Yes, that's me without a costume. Bet you didn't recognize me, eh! And by the way, I did not make my Daughter's dress: her Godmother Nancy-Raven got it for for for, check it out, 3.91$ CAD at Sears. The bodice is green velvet, the skirt is taffeta and the entire thing is lined in cotton so it is comfortable for her to wear.

It pays to be cheap!

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