Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ondine / Elf Dress

Can you believe no one took pictures of me in my new dress last night I was so hoping to show you what I looked like in the dress. Ah well, I'll have to have a photo shoot in my living room soon.

In the mean time, how about showing you what costume the purple Turkish Satin was a leftover of?

For Halloween 2005, my first at my then new job, I wanted to make myself a fabulous costume (since they have a contest, I mean, costumes are my thing so I had to look good). After looking at the winning entries from the previous years, I noticed a trend: crazy full face/body make-up usually won. Alright then, I can do that. My other criteria were comfort (I had to sit at an office all day, so anything with big wings or a crinoline would be difficult) and I had a headset phone, so my ears could not be covered (therefore I could not reuse my Twi'lek costume). I started very early on to plan it, deciding to go as an Ondine (which was inspired by Titania in The Voyage of the Unicorn - 2001). Off course, I assembled it on the 30th, but what did you REALLY expect!


Simplicity 9891

As any good LOTR costumer, I own Simplicity 9891, but I had never used it before and I was dying to make a dress using view A of said pattern. So I indulged myself. The material I found (in the decoration section of my favourite Fabricville) is a purple and aqua Turkish Satin. As for the sleeves and neckline drape, I used white Crystal Organza. I changed the original pattern ever so slightly at the neckline drape by making it one big piece that goes all around the neckline and is tied at the shoulders with silver ribbon. I’ve also serged the sleeves' seam on the outside to give them a wave look.

With it I wore a silver disc belt I found at The Bay one day for about 3$. I figured I would eventually be able to use it for a costume (I thought Medieval) and look, I did!

One tiny note: due to my usual last minute rush, I used a zipper in the back, but one day I would like to replace it with lacing.


My Silver Beaded Shoes

I found the most gorgeous silver beaded shoes on a shopping trip and I decided I needed them for that costume. OK, the costume was an excuse, I just really wanted them. After all, “Life is short; buy the shoes”. Besides, I still have them now, I wear them for parties (like last night) and I always get complimented on them.

Hair & Makeup

Ondine Hair and Makeup

I wanted aqua hair, and there was no way I was going to dye my own hair, so I bought myself a wig. I got a Kelly by Sepia Wigs in Light Blue (which is a very greenish blue, but heck).

As for makeup, I used Mehron Liquid Makeup in Blue on my face, neck, arms and hands (I wore matching blue tights for my legs). On my eyes, forehead and nose, I brushed some Snazaroo Iridescent Powder in Turquoise. I used Cover Girl Eye Slicks in Aqua Flash (#420) as a lipstick and L’Oréal Rouge Pulp in Revealing (#13) to give my lips a glossier look (basically the same lip makeup I used for my Twi’lek costume). For my nails, I used a Sea Foam coloured nail polish that matched my wig perfectly. Last touch, I glued a little tear drop shaped diamante to my forehead with sock glue (body adhesive).

Gwenyver as an Ondine

This is the result of my labour. I spent all day at work in my wig and almost full body makeup (which left traces everywhere - phone, mouse, keyboard), and I kept everything on for the evening too.

With Nancy-Raven and my late dog on Halloween Night, 2005

This last picture is blurry, but at least you can see the full length of the dress. I remember I had a lot of fun that night, playing Nancy-Raven's familiar, asking her if I could eat the teenagers and snapping my teeth at them. Good times!

One of these days, I should also get some pictures of myself wearing it without any makeup. It is after all a perfect dress for a LOTR party or convention.

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