Thursday, November 26, 2009

Autumn Leaves Mask

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers south of the border! For you today I have an Autumn themed costume craft. No, it is not a papier-mâché Turkey costume (although that might be cool for next year). Today I present to you a quick tutorial on how to make your own Autumn Leaves Mask.

What you will need:
  1. A blank canvas mask (from the craft store)
  2. Some white liquid craft glue
  3. Ribbon to tie your mask
  4. Fabric Autumn leaves (mine are from the Dollar Store)
  5. Clothespins

First, you want to replace the elastic on your mask with ribbons. Cut two equal length of ribbon, long enough to go around your head and get tied in a bow. Thread them through the holes on each side of your mask and make two or three knots do they don't come out.

Then you can begin gluing leaves to your mask. Apply a good drop of glue to our leaf, stick it to your mask and secure it with a clothespin while it dries. Begin in the center, on the top edge and go around. On the bottom edge, make sure your leaves are not too or it might be uncomfortable to wear. For the same reason, make sure the space for the nose is free so you can breath. Once your first row is dry, add another and repeat until your whole mask is covered and you are satisfied with the result.

Then cut away any fabric covering the hole for the eyes, and you are done.

Autumn Leaves Mask by Gwenyver

This one was my first mask. It is the one I presented in my Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Charmed "All Halliwell's Eve" post back in October.

Autumn Leaves Mask for Nancy-Raven by Gwenyver

Then on October 30th, I made one for Nancy-Raven as a hostess gift, so she could add it to her wall of masks.

Autumn Leaves Masks by Gwenyver

And these are both my masks as they look flat on my work table. The top one is Nancy-Raven's and the bottom one is mine. Pretty cute, eh! I meant to make the second one like the first, but it turned out differently. I just let my muse guide me.

Maybe I should submit them to Craft Stylish, my favorite craft website!

Note: If you make your own, do send me a note and a picture, I would love to see them.

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