Saturday, September 5, 2009

Event Report: Fête Médiévale de Saint-Colomban

Today was a nice, sunny, not too warm day. Perfect to spend it at the Fête Médiévale de Saint-Colomban. Nancy-Raven and I have gone together for the past three years and we love to walk around and mock the really bad fantasy garb. Today was no exception and I took many pictures to share with you all, but for tonight, since I'm beat, I'll just show you pictures of Nancy-Raven, my daughter and myself. I'll do the mocking thing with you tomorrow.

My Daughter

My baby is wearing her linen tunic (Baby Shower gift from aunt Sciath), Coif (made quickly last week) and SCA - The Next Generation bib (bought at Pennsic XXXVI from Claus the Toymaker). Many people kept pointing at her, saying "Oh, look, a Medieval baby!". Her daddy is proud, she was a success once again!

Look who got the message and covered her head this year: good girl, no sun stroke for once. And yes Honey, she drank plenty of water!

Gwenyver and Daughter: Medieval Mommy and Baby

I love to just point-and-click and get great pictures. I'm pretty good at it too!

Nancy-Raven the Anglo-Norman

Another nice picture of her (whatever she says). I should mention that her jewelry all comes from The Crafty Celt, Raven style (of course!). Specifically, it is the Raven Fibula & Chain Set and the Raven Head Torc (she also owns the Raven Bracelet and Raven Brooch, but was not wearing them yesterday).

Gwenyver in her new Medieval Heraldic Tabard

At the end of the day, we went by the river to take some pictures. As promised, one of my in my Medieval Heraldic Tabard and Glittersweet cote.

Nancy-Raven and her Goddaughter

Two Craft Sisters: Nancy-Raven and Gwenyver

I'm also pretty good at taking self-portrait pictures by holding the camera in one hand and pointing it at myself; just look at my profile picture!

Medieval Baby

One last cute picture of my daughter for the road! Now I'm off to a nice bath to wash the dust away.

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