Friday, September 4, 2009

Finished Project: Medieval Heraldic Tabard

I did it again! I'm ready in advance. Oh yeah baby, I'm getting organized! Last night, I finished my tabard. Yeah me! A whole 36 hours before an event, two weeks in a row! Believe me, if you've known me for years, that is an impressive feet!

So, do you remember my device? I've shown it to you twice already, why not go for thrice (besides, I love my device):

Device of Mórag filia Scayth

And now, this is my tabard (shown here over my Glittersweet Cote):

It looks great, right? I love it. (And yes G'Kwan, you're very cute too - G'Kwan is our cat; what can I say, we're geeks!). So tomorrow, that's what I'm wearing to the Fête Médiévale de Saint-Colomban, and I'll ask Nancy-Raven to take some pictures of me wearing it.

Do you realize, that's the first costume I've made myself this year, as in 2009? Wow, I was so overdue. I feel really happy about myself.

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