Sunday, August 30, 2009

Event Report: Pointe-À-Callière's 18th Century Public Market

Finally! I made it to an event. Seriously, I wasn't sure I would be able to go, as the weather report last night said it would rain all day. While nursing in the middle of the night, I was already imagining today's post saying something to the effect that once again I couldn't go, that my life as a costumer was a boring one, etc.; but I did go!

So sure, we only went for an hour and a half, I never met with Marie-Ange-The-Celt, I ended up leaving my costume in the car (which was a good thing: the place was so jammed packed with people, my skirt would have been stepped on non-stop), it rained while we were there and the batteries in my camera died before long (I had charged them, but I guess they were old batteries), but hey, I went, I saw, and I have pictures of costumes to share!

(As for pictures of my own costume, I am planning a photo shoot with Nancy-Raven in the following weeks for our 18th century outfits, so stay tuned...)

A couple of volunteers at the UPA stand

They gave me yellow bean seeds to plant in my garden next summer, so "Thank you UPA!"

Two volunteer ladies

Notice how similar peasant clothes in the 18th century are to say, Ren Fair wear? That is because A) peasant fashion did not evolve that much and B) Ren Fair people have got it wrong - period wise.

A noble woman at the market

I have to say, I loved her outfit, and I do believe she was just visiting (not actually working there). Sadly, when I saw her again and could have gotten a front pose, the batteries of my camera (and the spare ones - did I mention I had come prepared and brought spares?) had died.

Historical Lady

I'm sorry I kind of just snapped a picture of her without giving her the time to pose (darn dying batteries!). I do believe she is a member of a historical society, because there was a sign above the stand that said "Société d'Histoire", but I don't know which one (someone please enlighten me).

The Seamstress

Also a member on the unknown historical society (and another unfortunate quick snap with a dying camera), she was full of information about the craft of an 18th century seamstress (she had irons and cutting shears reproductions, fascinating stuff!)

An Amerindian

According to my Sweetheart (did I mention he is a historian?), this guy is wearing a proper Amerindian feathered headdress.

Another Amerindian

Again, wearing a proper feathered headdress.

An Amerindian Warrior

Upon seeing him, my Sweetheart replied "Finally, an Amerindian costume done the right way!"...

An Amerindian Warrior... bearing it all

... and then he confirmed his affirmation by pointing out the "leggings" (which a lot of people were pointing at!)

He and his comrades are the reason I managed to convince my sweetheart to come with me to that event (and when I told this to the girl at the information kiosk, she started laughing because I was apparently the 6th person to tell her that).

You see, I can take great pictures when my camera is not dying on me!

Two soldiers and a peasant girl with my Baby and Sweetheart

One of these days, I have to make my Sweetheart a Soldier's Uniform so he can join the of the Compagnie du 2ième Bataillon du Régiment de la Sarre (and he wants the musket; he's been saying it for years but since we actually got to see a couple mousquetades during the group's military exercise demo, I found him shopping for one online last night!).

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