Thursday, September 3, 2009

Portrait of a Costumer: Trystan

I've been wanting to present another one of my favorite costumers for some time now, but I always lacked time to write something decent. So today, I'm taking the time and I'm presenting Trystan.

Trystan was was president of the GBACG for a couple years and organizes many costuming events in her area. What I love about Trystan's costumes is their originality. As she herself says, "While I've studied various eras of historical clothing, nit-picky accuracy is not my bag, baby". This means that she can create gorgeous 19th century gowns... with skull printed cotton? Yes she does! She's also a goth, and as I have a penchant for this look, I can't help but love her costumes.

Another thing is, she's a gorgeous girl and "real woman"* (as in "real women have Curves" - just like me!).

*It just seams to me that often when seeing pictures of Cosplayers at Cons, we're always shown the tiny waisted teenage girls wearing Slave Leia Bikini, so it's nice to see another variety of girls and women in costumes.

And now, on to some of my favorite costumes of hers. You've already seen her Victorian Bathing Suit in a previous post.

This one has got to be my all time favorite Trystan creation. Not only does it look gorgeous and delicious, it is absolutely original. This is one dress I'd love to make for myself. Actually, I love the fabric so much, I could make many dresses!

Did I mention before that I had a thing for Peacock dresses? The nice thing about this dress is it used a hot pink Sari as fabric (saris are often 6 metres long and you can get them on eBay for as little as 30$ - that's a great fabric source!). She also has a Pink Sari Ballgown that uses a Sari bought on a trip to India (That does it - I want to go!).

Making costumes from literature references can be fun too! OK, and once again, the fabric used is a Sari.

It's a classic, but I myself have wanted to make this costume since I saw the commercial patterns at my local fabric store when I was a teen (maybe even a tween...). Besides, pink and diamonds? What girl could resist!

Burgundy Embroidered-Silk Robe à l'Anglaise

Lastly, an 18th century dress. Considering my love for them, how could I not show at least one of hers! I particularly like the Burgundy embroidered silk she used.

Now off you go and explore her website!

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