Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lady Gaga "Telephone" Phenomenon

Thursday, Lady GaGa's new music video, Telephone, took the world by storm. Some have said it's the biggest, most important video since Michael Jackson's Thriller. I don't know about that, but it is truly artistic, original, and one big marketing campaign for Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke, Miracle Whip and more (Ah, product placement... did I mention I have a degree in publicity? This is a dream come true for any brand). But more important than the hidden publicity was the large number of outrageous outfits worn throughout the video (and the reason I'm gaga for GaGa!).

Found at TrendLand were the following pictures and their fashion design credentials. (For the original article, go to
Telephone by Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé [Fashion Credits])

Custom made crime scene tape by Brian Lichtenberg

Kind of reminds you of Leeloo's white tape outfit in The Fifth Element (1997).

Custom made outfit by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, sunglasses by Mercura

I doubt this style will ever be adopted by any penal establishment.

Custom made chain and jumpsuit by Viktor & Rolf, cigarette sunglasses and shoes by Haus of GaGa

My eyes itch when someone smokes within five metres of me; can you imagine having that many cigarettes BY YOUR EYES?!

Vintage sunglasses by Chanel

Some classics are classics for everyone.

Studded jacket by Search and Destroy

In keeping with a current trend, but oh! so over the top for anyone but her.

Studded outfits by Haus of GaGa

I bet you that would ruin a silk shirt.

Vintage hat and outfit by Thierry Mugler

Oh my, she's covered! She almost looks like a regular posh lady! (Except for the yellow hair.) I love black and white together, and I love hats. This is my favourite outfit of thw

e video.

Telephone hat by Fred Butler

See, everyone needs turquoise!

Hat and dress by Rachel Barrett telephone hair piece by Danilo

Again, I am reminded of the aesthetics in The Fifth Element (1997). I wonder if she gets inspired by that movie sometimes...

Lady GaGa outfit by Haus of GaGa, boots by Christian Louboutin; Beyoncé outfit by Oscar Olima

I guess I could call that look Trash Wonder Woman?

Leopard outfit by Haus of GaGa

If your cab driver ever looks like that, wait for the next one!

Cowboy hat outfits by Emilie Pirlot

I guess that's a Texan burqa?

For those interested, you can watch the video and see all of those weird costumes and other little details in movement. Enjoy!

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