Thursday, March 11, 2010


I knew there had to be an advantage to going back to my day job (which has nothing to do with costumes, fashion or even sewing), other than paying the bills; I got to find a picture I thought I had lost (and had been wishing to share with you since last summer).

Quick background story: Fall of 2008, the company where I work organizes it's annual Leadership week-end. Since 2008 was also Québec City's 400 years anniversary, they had said week-end in Québec City and used the historic anniversary as a theme. After the week-end, they bring back pictures and share them with everyone. That is when I found this:

18th Century maid

This is a photo of one of the entertainers hired for the week-end. She clearly plays the part of some sort of 18th century maid. Her costume is okay, or so it seems, until you look closely. See the white pieces of fabric at her side, under the basque of her bodice, but over the skirt? Those are pockets. One wears those UNDER a skirt!

Seriously, the first time I saw this photo, I laughed so hard, people were wondering why, so I had to explain, comparing this costuming faux pas to wearing one's underwear over one's clothes. (Okay ,so they didn't find it as funny as I did, but I guess they couldn't see it as I did).

I'm truly sorry to this poor entertainer, but really, might I suggest a little research?

To everyone else, I'm glad to be sharing this joke with you all.

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