Saturday, February 5, 2011

Otakuthon 2011 Costume Project: Princess Peach and Toadette

A new year means new projects, and one thing I plan for 2011 is to attend Otakuthon. I’ve missed the last two years already, in 2009 because I couldn’t imagine stopping to breastfeed in public all the time (plus figuring out a costume that would accommodate such an activity), and in 2010 because we were sick the week-end of (at least I had made no costumes for the event – I was waiting to see how it would go and I figured I could decide the day of if I wanted to go). So this year I really, really want to go. I don’t know yet if I’ll go only on Saturday, or if I’ll drag my daughter to Downtown Montréal three days in a row, but we are going. So we need costumes.

Last year I had made a list of ideas I could make for the both of us. I still like all of them, but for my daughter, they mean warm, possibly furry animal suits complete with heads (Pepe, the monkey from The Three Musketeers, or Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura) and I’m afraid these might be too warm for Montréal August weather. So I’ve had another idea:

Toadette from Super Mario

Wouldn’t she be cute? It’s basically a summer dress with, a vest and white shorts. For the mushroom head, I’ll use her bike helmet (which she likes to wear to watch tele) and make a slip-cover for it, mounted on an elastic so it can go on easily (my first helmet had one of those). The "pony-balls" will be made of Styrofoam balls covered in fabric and tacked to one another and the slip-cover. As for shoes, I’m sure I can find a pair of brown shoes her size either at a thrift store, or simply on sale at a retail store.

What about me I hear you wonder. Well, here is what I’m thinking of:

Princess Peach from Super Mario

I have wanted to make a Princess Peach costume for some time now. Besides, I look good in pink, I can style my own hair with a lot of spray net to get those flips, and it would be a fairly easy costume to make. Although Sarcasm-hime warns against the use of satin for Cosplay, I would like to make this costume out of Peau de soie (matte bridal satin). I should keep an eye out for sales!

For our first year going to Otakuthon together my daughter and I, I want to go for an easier project and I think this one would do.

Now if only I could convince Nancy-Raven or Marie-Ange-The-Celt to join us…

Princess Daisy from Super Mario

I'm sure that either one of them would look good as Princess Daisy.

(*Insert grinning face here*)

Wouldn’t that be fun girls?


  1. I'm going to die in a dress , the weather is hot at this time of the year .

  2. Now, now, lets not over react...

  3. LOL.... I don'T think so... there is a third princess I would have prefered but.... I had other costumes in mind XD

  4. I can't remember her name... she's in the new Mario KArt Wii though....

  5. I think she's talking about Rosalina.

  6. There are actually a lot of Princess Peach costumes like and a wide variety so you don't have to actually make one. But oddly, there are no Princess Daisy costumes around. Why is that?

  7. Youve probably already made this, but I had an idea about the pony balls.

    You could slip them into pink pantyhose and tie around each so they are already connected and can move freely

  8. Hyla, yes I did make the Toadette dress already. You can see it here: