Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cyber Goth Geisha Progress Report: Crimson Vision Gothic Geisha

When you are tired, you make mistakes; it is a reality. I was almost done with my corset last night; I just had to assemble the exterior part with the lining when I realized that half of the pieces on the exterior were sewn the wrong way. It was 12:30 am. So, I un-sewed the trim and pieces that needed fixing and then, since I was falling asleep at the sewing table, I went to bed. Today I worked on it a little, but it wasn’t finished in time to wear at Nancy-Raven’s party. So I went with plan B and wore red accessories.

Gwenyver as Crimson Vision Gothic Geisha

It looks good! I had many positive comments on the wig’s colour too; both Nancy-Raven and my Sweetheart agree I would look good with my hair dyed fluorescent red. Not that I would dare, but maybe I’ll find more occasions to wear that wig in the future.

Instead of my red tights, I remembered I owned knee high black and red striped socks, and I recently bought the half gloves to match. I wore a headband with a big sating flower and my lovely new sexy heals.

Now I will try to finish my corset before I crash in bed so I can wear it at least once this Halloween!

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  1. I love the costume and your wig! You look amazing! The red wig reminds me of one of my sister's Aspen wigs that I styled. She had it styled by me so that it would look identical to one of my other sister's red Beverly Johnson wigs.

    The opinions they gave on your hair and your look are true! You definitely look good with red hair. Thanks for sharing these photos, by the way.