Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cyber Goth Geisha Progress Report: Juban

Okay, so tonight I finally started my own costume. I have 3 days to make it as I want to wear it at Nancy-Raven’s party this Saturday. Of course, I’m already thinking of solutions in case I can’t finish in time, because this whole no sleep thing I used to be able to pull off is way more exhausting than I remember, but I’m still going to try.

Tonight, I managed cut the pieces that were missing, like the Juban and fusing, and sew the Juban. It is actually a mix between a Hadajuban, because of the sleeves, and a Nagajuban, because of the collar. Observe:


There are many imperfections, especially with all the puckering around the collar, but I have decided to let it go; I don’t have time to fix it, and it will all be hidden anyways, so why bother.

I had actually planned to make the two: a Hadajuban of poplin and a Nagajuban of woolen twill. Due to lack of time, I decided to only make the thicker twill one, only to realise I did not have enough fabric for the sleeves (it was a leftover which my aunt gave me). Hence the mix of genres, but I think it will work well. Besides, this is a fantasy costume; I don’t have to be accurate!

Next step: the Black Furisode.

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