Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cyber Goth Geisha Progress Report: Short Black Furisode

The Furisode is done!

Short Black Furisode

Please excuse the beige twill tape; I could not find my black one for the picture.

I am actually much more satisfied with it than I was with the Juban; I was also more careful. I really love the tone on tone stripe in the fabric too: it gives the whole look more texture. I found it in the discount bin of course, but I find it works well. The collar is a little flimsy, but I am hoping a good pressing will fix that (I just hope I don’t burn it!).

I also started to sew the corset’s lining. I assembled all my pieces only to find that it did not close in the back and there was a huge ugly lump at the center front, chest level. That is when I realized that I was missing a piece, which I later found at the bottom of my “to do” bin, but it was time to go to bed.

I hope I have time to finish it tomorrow night, but if I don’t, I’ve decided to wear a red Nagoya obi with my red tights, red wig and red makeup. This way, I will not have worked in vain, but I won’t stress to finish and make myself sick.

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