Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project: Sherbet Striped English Dress - skirt fabric and trims

Ok, so you know when I said I would not make a new skirt to go with my new 18th century dress? Apparently, I was lying to myself. You see, I’ve been thinking about it and the pink skirt from my Mint Green Caraco Jacket and Pink Skirt won’t do: I want to be able to wear pocket hoops as skirt support for this dress, but that skirt was hemmed to be worn without any form of support. So you see, I have to make a new one.

Okay, I can already hear those of you who’ll say I have a pink satin skirt (from my Buffy inspired 18th century Gown) that is hemmed to fit over pocket hoops, but to you I say: satin is not a “Summer’s day in the Country” type of fabric. I want to be able to walk outside in it and not worry about snags at the hem.

So… I went to
Fabricville today, and I found this shocking pink woven linen blend which matches the pink stripe of my main dress fabric perfectly. And it was in the discount section, at a mere 4$ a metre.

Dress and skirt fabric for my Sherbet Striped English Dress

See how well it matches?

I also got some gros grain ribbon in light purple and green to make a ruffle around the neck, down the princess line of the bodice and on the edges of the dress’ skirt. I intend to place the small green trim on top of the wider purple one for added detail.

Finally, I went over to the Dollar Store and got a small straw hat.

8" Straw Hat

I’m going to tack three of the sides to make a small tricorne, add some trim and perch it on my head.

Yep! It’s all going to look awesome!

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