Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny me!

Happy Easter! Today is a day of bunnies, baby chicks, eggs, chocolate, and other more serious stuff, but it concerns book religions, so I’ll leave them to it while I stick to my specialty, costumes. To go with today’s theme, I went through some photo albums at my parents to bring you a Vintage Costumeholic Moment:

Gwenyver as a Bunny for Halloween

Yes, that is me, at age three, in the fluffy bunny costumes my mom had made me for Halloween. Don’t I look cute?

Now I’d love to tell you exactly which pattern she used to make it, but I truly don’t know (although knowing my mom's preferences, it was probably a Butterick). Besides, it is probably way out of print by now. If you would like to make your own, any bunny costume from the “Classic Halloween Costumes” section of commercial pattern books will do.

Butterick 3238

Enjoy the family dinner, but be careful not to exaggerate on desert or you won’t fit in your costumes anymore (I speak from experience).

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