Monday, April 5, 2010

Movie Monday: La Cité

Look at what is coming out this week: a Québec made costume / war drama! La Cité (2010) is set in 1895, during the French occupation of Tunisia, and tells the story of French Doctor, Maxime Vincent, who, after spending eight years in Northern Africa, is ready to go home... until he is asked to cure a village who's inhabitants are suffering from a plague.

Gentlemen, if you are interested in late 19th century French Legionnaire costumes, you should definitely see that movie!

Claude Legault as Colonel Julien Mandel, La Cité (2010)

You could also look at what the locals wore (and still wear today in some parts of Northern Africa).

Jean-Marc Barr as Dr. Maxime Vincent, La Cité (2010)

Ah! A Kaftan is always so comfy!

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