Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old School Figure Skating Dresses

While I’m on the subject of figure skating, I thought I should mention Barbara-Ann Scott. After all, she was the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic Gold medal in figure skating at the 1948 Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Let’s look at what she wore, shall we?

Barbara Ann Scott

Simple, but gorgeous. I love the colour! Notice the trend: plain cut, relatively short skirt, high neckline, and a hat.

Apparently, it was the figure skating fashion of the 40’s.

1940's reflected the rationing necessity and the hemlines became higher in reflection of the fabric shortage which came to the end in late 1940's. In Europe, The Dior's New Look suit was frowned upon because it was long and wasted fabrics. In US and Canada simple and classic was the New Look and still have followers today. This look is reflected in a short classic dress worn in 1948 by Olympic champion Barbara Ann Scott doing her signature jump.

(Excerpt from Fashion Evolution of Figure Skating Dress, by Sabina Les of Fashionably Tied.)

Barbara Ann Scott doing her signature stag jump

It reminds me of Katie’s skating outfit in Blizzard (2003).

Zoe Warner as Katie Andrews, Blizzard (2003)

See, long plain dress and a hat! (Although I believe the movie was set in the late 50’s / early 60’s, but I’m not all that sure).

If evolution of skating dresses is something that you’re interested in, check out Fashion Evolution of Figure Skating Dress by Sabina Les of Fashionably Tied. It is very well done and illustrated and follows the look of figure skaters from the 20’s onward.

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