Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grandma Eve's Fur Muff

While looking for something in my Costume Closet, I found this muff which I inherited from my Grandmother. I have no idea how old it is, but as muffs, or had warmers, were very trendy in eras gone by, I thought I would share it with you.

Front View

It is made of real fur, though I do not know what animal it came from, and it has been worn out in some places. It measures 32 cm in height and 45 cm in width; the top measures 20 cm and the sides are 27 cm, with an opening of 23 cm.

Back View

The back is made of satin which is decorated with a machine stitched floral design. There is a zipper that opens up a purse section.

By the way, the zipper was first used in Haute Couture in the 1930's by Elsa Schiaparelli; before that, zippers were used only in children's garment and on men's trousers.

I tell you this because it helps me situate the period from which my muff comes from. As it stands, I imagine it is no older that the 1940's, but could possibly be younger, since my Grandma was born in 1929 (but for all I know, this was her mother's).

Side View

The muff is lined in a satin similar to the only used in the back, but without any decorative stitching. Inside the opening, there in a triangle of fabric which is sewn to both sides, keeping them in place and creating a pocket.

Loop Detail

At the top, on each side, there is a loop of fabric to which a cord can be attached so that the muff can hang from the neck.

Sewing Detail

The lining has come undone on one side, so I can tell you more about the construction. The lining is interlined with cotton canvas. To sew the lining to the fur, a braid has been added, so the lining is hand sewn to the braid and not the fur directly.

I hope you have learned new things and have enjoyed this little tour of my antique fur muff. Maybe I should start making some to sell. I'll think about it.


  1. I honestly have no idea. It is pretty none the less and a great ressource to make more! :D