Saturday, January 16, 2010

Costume Monster Hoodie

I love ThreadBanger. What they call alternative fashion, I call everyday costume. Yesterday's DIY show was about transforming Hoodies into costumes. Usually, when you think Hoodie, you think comfy sweater you can throw on to go to the grocery store. With the Monster Hoodie project, you can do that, and freak out the Soccer Moms! How cool is that?

My Sweetheart walked into my Sewing Room/Office while I was watching the video and he told me that he wants the 'Ragon Head (he also asked if I was going to write that he wants the 'Ragon Head in my Blog - yes my love, I did). But seriously, I want one. And, I want to make one for my daughter. I'll even make one for my Sweetheart if he really wants one. I'll use sewing though, because I'm not a big fan of replacing stitches with glue.

I can see this project becoming a gift for a couple of friends (but I won't say who, or else it will ruin the surprise). Have I mentioned I love ThreadBanger?

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