Friday, January 8, 2010

Gothic Phoenix Feather Fascinator (or "The Dead Rooster")

A sari was not the only gift I gave Nancy-Raven for Christmas/Yule this year. As I originally planned on cutting up my own sari to make a Victorian Bustle Gown and thinking she might want to do the same, I made her a Travel Bustle identical to my own. Even if she doesn't use the sari for that purpose, I know she loves Victorian styles, so it will be useful eventually.

There was also a third gift. As she has often told me that she thought my Funky Feather Fascinator (also known at "The Dead Parrot") was cool, I made her one too. This time, I made it in colours I know she is likely to wear: black and red with a touch of gold. Introducing the Gothic Phoenix Feather Fascinator (or as my Sweetheart calls it, "The Dead Rooster" - thanks love!).

Gothic Phoenix Feather Fascinator

A better view of the fingertip veil

Flat view of the entire Fascinator

Feathered Cap in details

Sorry Nancy-Raven, I couldn't resist trying it on!

Now if you look closely on the pictures, you might notice that the glue had not yet dried. That's because I woke-up Wednesday morning and I realized that I had not finished making her gifts and she was coming over that night, so both the Feather Fascinator and Travel Bustle were made that day (I had cut her Travel Bustle at the same time as mine, but it wasn't assembled).

Her reaction was priceless. She was genuinely happy. And let me tell you, I have known her for 14 years and I have rarely seen her giddy with excitement the way she was when she saw it (she is generally not the most expressive person - but that's okay, I love you all the same sweetie - plus, she is working on it). She told me that the day before, while shopping with her mother, she had seen some Fascinators and told her mom that mine were way prettier. I'm flattered!

So now, we have to go on some outing together, wearing our respective Fascinators. I wonder what people's reactions will be like? It ought to be funny!

Edit: If you're interested, Nancy-Raven posted a picture of my three Christmas Gifts on her Blog.

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