Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sari or Saree?

Nancy-Raven came by last night to bring us some homemade cakes (she is a baker after all), so I got to give her her present, which means I can now tell you what it was. Remember on December 22nd, I mentioned the arrival of a mysterious package? When the postman rang my door to hand me a linen wrapped package that was hand-sewn shut and had wax seals all around, he said "Wow, your mail comes from far!". Can you guess what it was? (Well, the title of this post kind of gives it away.)

It's a Sari (or Saree, both are good). Six metres of gorgeous silk taffeta with a metallic jacquard section and an embroidered section. I got it from my favourite store:
eBay. Specifically, I bought it from an eBay store called Sushila's Art. What can I say, it's easier to shop from home when you have a baby. Besides, this is not something I could have found at the mall.

This is, in details, the Sari I gave
Nancy-Raven for Christmas/Yule.

Knowing how much my mom loves silk, I got her one too.

A few years back, I bought myself a set of traditional Hindu jewelry in gold and pink (I also got it on eBay, but I don't remember from which seller). It includes a very large necklace, some earrings, and a hair piece. By the way, I know the pink looks more red on the picture. I was quite surprised when I received it, but no matter. I look good in pink.

So for many years, I have had this jewelry that I had nothing to wear with. And since combining items reduces shipping fees, I bought myself a Christmas/Yule present too.

My original idea was to buy these sarees, which cost less by metre than some quilting cotton, to make something else, not unlike Trystan's Pink Sari Ballgown or her Peacock Bustle Gown. But as Nancy-Raven pointed out to me, "Who would dare cut up such a beautiful piece?!". So I don't know, maybe I'll go walking around in a sari made bustle gown, or maybe I'll just wear it as is. Time will tell.

Note: The pictures shown here were taken by the sellers, but they feature items I have paid for.

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