Saturday, December 26, 2009

Victorian Christmas Dress

Whew! Made it! I finished my dress in time. (Note to those following my crazy train of thoughts: the curtains for my Baby's room and Christmas Stockings are not done. Sorry Sweetheart!)

Once again, no one took pictures of me wearing the thing. Thank you every one! I mean, I only worked like crazy! (I myself only took pictures on my Daughter... But she was so cute!)

So, all I have to bring you for now are picture of the dress on my sewing dummy, and I will just have to do some sort of photo shoot eventually to show you how good I look in it (yeah, I know, I'm also supposed to get pictures of me wearing my
"Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress).

Victorian Christmas Dress - Front

Victorian Christmas Dress - Side

Victorian Christmas Dress - Close-up

I am done with crazy last minute sewing projects (for now). I'm really happy with the way it came out. After all, this was my first attempt at a Bustle Skirt. And I did stick to the rule I imposed upon myself for this project about materials having to come from my Stash; all I bought was some fusing, boning and hook and eye tape for the bodice, but hey, those are notions, not fabric! OK, I also bought the trim for the bodice, but it was really cheap: it came from WalMart!

Now I really have to finish those curtains before I get caught up in another crazy project. (I've been putting off the Christmas Stockings for five years already - they can wait yet another year!)

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  1. WOW ! C'est génial !

    Si j'avais été là, moi j'aurais pris une photo :D