Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Progress Report: Finished Red Taffeta Bustle Skirt

A package has just arrived in the mail. It came from very, very far. It contains something that has to do with costumes and I am itching to tell you all about it... but I can't. It's a Christmas present for Nancy-Raven and it would ruin the surprise. (Let's hope I get to give her her gift before Easter this year - or later, which is what happens pretty much every year - so I can tell you what it is soon!)

In the mean time, I have managed to finish my bustle skirt. Yep, all finished! My, that's like, in advance! That's what you're thinking too, right? Wrong, I still have the bodice to finish. (Well at least it is already cut.)

I know, you're thinking "Enough chit-chat, we want pictures!"

Geesh! Patience. OK, here you go. Now please ignore the carpet, my sewing room is in need of a good vacuuming (amongst other cleaning duties).

Red Taffeta Bustle Skirt - Front

Red Taffeta Bustle Skirt - Side

Red Taffeta Bustle Skirt - Back

I'm really loving it. It just looks so good, if I do say so myself!

I added a piece of lace to the apron piece because there was a few big seems in the valence that I wanted to hide. And yes, the lace is also a leftover. Do you recognize the project it came from? That's right, my Edwardian / Titanic inspired Evening Dress. I just cut the fabric away from the lace design, as close as possible, and turned it upside down.

I can't wait to show my co-worker what I did with her curtains!

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