Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Progress Report: Finished Travel Bustle

Yippee! Yesterday, I somehow found the time to assemble (and finish) my Travel Bustle and I wanted to share some pictures with you.

Gwenyver's Travel Bustle - Side view

Gwenyver's Travel Bustle - Back view

Well that came out nice, don't you think? And I only broke one needle sewing through all the layers. I hope it gives my Bustle skirt enough support. I can at least tell you it is very comfortable to wear.

Every layer consists of fabric, fusing and lining, and each layer is gathered separately, making it very thick to sew through. The belt is 2.75 metres of very wide (22 mm) double fold bias tape which is meant for quilt binding. Sewing the four layers of pleated fabric to the bias tape was very hard. In some places, the tape twisted a little. I would rather have had it perfectly straight, but too bad. It's only underwear, and it is only for me (if it was for a customer or a gift, I would make it perfect).

My most recent sewing machine had no problem sewing through all of the skirt layers of my "Water" Irish Dance Solo Dress, but it broke while I was adding a piece of elastic to one of my Baby's PJ. Go figure. My older machine has been fixed by my Dad, but it makes a strange squeaky noise now. I'm afraid the timing pelt might be due to be replaced.

Lets hope my machines survive, I still have to make the bustle skirt, the bodice, four stockings, a tree skirt and oh yes, the curtains for my Baby's room that I've been supposed to make since Easter.

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