Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change, Evolve, Transform: Recycling in costumes

Ask anyone who knows me, I am an absolute pain when it comes to recycling and keeping the environment clean. I grew up in the "Let's save the Planet" generation and I apply that mantra to my everyday life (my poor Sweetheart really hears it whenever he throws something recyclable in the garbage can). So if you are ever in the car in front of me and I see you throwing garbage out of your window, chances are I'll get out of my own car at the next red light to yell at you.

This is the reason I fell in love with this dress:

Change, Evolve, Transform by Sporkweilder

How cool is that: a dress entirely made of wrappers that would have otherwise been thrown away! I absolutely love it. And it is so colourful too!

Change, Evolve, Transform by Sporkweilder

This is what Sally, a.k.a. Sporkweilder used to make this outfit:

  • Cotton and Tulle
  • Crisp (that's chips for us North Americans) packets, sweet wrappers, soda cans...
  • Assorted Jewellery Supply
  • Randomly collected crafty type things like the feathers for the tiara
  • Coloured craft wire
  • Wallpaper

Change, Evolve, Transform by Sporkweilder

This is what she had to say about her design:

"I took the concept of recycling, evolved my design and transformed empty crisp packets into the dress you see here. FACET, the word on the belt, is the name of the imaginary company I was working for. I was aiming for a '60s feel..."

Great job Sally. I truly love your dress. I have been wondering what to make out of my weekly chips bag once I'm done eating it and that is wonderful inspiration.

I wonder what my Sweetheart will say if I start saving Lays bags and candy wrappers...


  1. I'm so flattered that you like my dress! When I googled my username I was expecting to find my images scattered around Myspace but I found someone complimenting my work! Thankyou so much :) And also thankyou for linking to my Deviantart acount!

    - Sally

  2. I was certain I had asked your permission and told you where to find my post... Sometimes i think about too many things, I begin to believe I have done some when I only thought them.