Sunday, August 23, 2009

Upcoming Costuming Possibility: Pointe-À-Callière's 18th Century Public Market

For its sixteenth edition, Pointe-À-Callière Museum will be presenting it's 18th Century Public Market, which proposes an authentic trip back to the heart of Montréal's first public marketplace, circa 1750. The event takes place in Place Royale and the area around the museum, on Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30.

Considering how I had to miss the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France this year, my friend Marie-Ange-The-Celt asked me if I wanted to go to that event on the Sunday. Do I ever! Now of course, the next all important question a girl asks is: "What shall I wear?"

I can think of three possibilities:
  1. I could go in regular street clothes (BO-RING!)
  2. I could finish my long plaid skirt, make myself a quick Bedgown with some hand-me-down Corduroy I have (which did exist in the late 18th century, but we have no proof that it could have been used for such a garment or even that it was widely used) and wear it with my apron and bonnet, but I'd have to use a Medieval-Fantasy shirt as I don't have one that is appropriate for the period. (Way too many wrong things with option 2, don't you think?)
  3. I could wear my mint green Caraco Jacket and pink skirt ensemble, which is perfect for a day at the market.

I think option 3 is the best. Besides I love this ensemble, and it will give me an occasion to take many pictures of it. I have matching scarf, basket lining and hat to go with it, and, as it uses a hook-and-eye closure, I can easily nurse Baby if needed. All I'll need to make this week is a bumroll to give the skirt the right support (I didn't have one before and I found the silhouette to lack the right lines for the period). I can get inspiration from Démodé's 18th century skirt supports and get instructions from The Elizabethan Costume Page (quite frankly, bumrolls did not evolve that much in 200 years).

Gwenyver as an 18th Century Bourgeoise, wearing her Mint Green Caraco Jacket and Pink Skirt

Remember in my Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France Reminiscing, I said I had gone in 2006, but did not have a decent picture of my new outfit? It turns out, Nancy-Raven had one and sent it to me. And yes, the green Caraco is made of the same 1$/metre jacquard as my Pink 18th Century Jacquard Dress, which I dyed green that year (to this day, I still have some of that fabric left; I'm thinking next time, I'll try to dye it blue and maybe make an 18th century outfit for my Sweetheart). So now you can find all of my 18th Century clothes (to date!) on this Blog.

Note to self: Remember to ask Nancy-Raven if she wants to come with us to Pointe-À-Callière's 18th Century Public Market on Sunday August 30th. (And if I forget, well, I know you read my blog sweetie, so you see, I didn't really forget; I meant to ask!)

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